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Gourmet Spring Tasting event at the LaFou Winery

10 June, 2019|

On June 8, the LaFou Winery hosted a Spring Tasting event; “Degustació de Primavera”.  Wine and vines were the stars of the show and it was here that the new LaFou Els Amelers vintage could be tasted in a pairing with seasonal dishes prepared by Miravall de Batea Restaurant. It [...]

Natural wines … or not; the latest post in the winemaker’s blog

30 May, 2019|

“Are the wines I've had to date artificial ones? “... “Why is there an interest in classifying a wine as "natural" if it isn’t?”  ... "What about healthy wines?". Ramon Roqueta is Lafou’s owner and oenologist.  In his third blog post, he invites us to contemplate natural wines. Link to [...]

Natural wines…or not

28 May, 2019|

Just a few weeks ago I was invited to a debate on "natural" wines, a topic that is very fashionable at the moment, but also a controversial one. So, today we will talk about them. So, are the wines I've had to date artificial ones? No, not at all. In [...]

LaFou Celler attends Comuvicat 2019

12 March, 2019|

LaFou Celler attended the first edition of the Catalan Conference on Wine Communication (Comuvicat 2019).   Ramon Roqueta, LaFou’s owner and oenologist, took part in a round table on "What we don’t talk about in the wine sector". During this talk, Ramon Roqueta put forward the need for a common and [...]

The LaFou Winery gets ready for its Winter Gastronomic Pairing event

22 February, 2019|

On Saturday, March 2nd, the LaFou Winery will host its third seasonal pairing event “Cicle de Maridatges Gastronòmics de Temporada al Celler”. The winery launched this event in May last year to pair seasonal cuisine with its wines. In May, it began with a pairing of seasonal produce from spring. [...]

“Spirit of Garnacha”; a new post in the oenologist’s blog

14 February, 2019|

"It is not entirely correct to speak of native grape varieties " ... ", if you are asked where White Garnacha comes from, Terra Alta is your answer " says Ramon Roqueta, oenologist and owner of the LaFou Winery. These are just some thoughts on the Garnacha variety which feature [...]

The Spirit of Garnacha

14 February, 2019|

With the blog underway, I can no longer delay talking about one of my favourite subjects: the Garnacha variety which, curiously enough, I "discovered" and fell in love with by studying in France, which is why I started the LaFou project in the Terra Alta region. Is Garnacha native to [...]

The LaFou Winery hosts students from the Master’s Degree in the OIV

31 January, 2019|

For the fourth consecutive year, the LaFou Winery hosted students taking the “International Diploma in Management of the Vine and Wine “(OIV MSc in Wine Management). This international diploma is aimed exclusively at future executives and management positions within the wine sector. During their trip to Catalonia at the end [...]

LaFou Els Amelers Màgnum: greatness in a bottle

4 January, 2019|

“Mi Vino” magazine (issue 241, December 2018) features LaFou Els Amelers Màgnum in its last tasting of the year which was dedicated exclusively to the format of magnum bottles. The magazine emphasizes the persistence of the wild nature of the White Grenache variety. Link to article

LaFou launches a new website

2 January, 2019|

The LaFou Winery has launched its new website: where users can now book wine tours online. In keeping with the philosophy on which the winery and its wines are founded, one of the website’s most important new features is the oenologist’s blog, where topics of interest and reflections on [...]

LaFou Els Amelers 2017 an ideal wine for Christmas

10 December, 2018|

The Expansion Newspaper included LaFou Els Amelers 2017 in its selection of 12 great wines for Christmas. DO Terra Alta is renowned for producing the best White Grenache thanks to the personality of this variety which is an ideal pairing for dishes enjoyed at this time of year. Read article

LaFou Celler takes part in a “Harvest Experience” in Barcelona

23 November, 2018|

On November 19, at the Sala Marqués de Comillas in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, the LaFou Winery took part in a fair called “Experiencia Verema” (Harvest Experience). This event is a must for wine and food lovers, as well as for professionals from the sector; sommeliers, distributors and importers, [...]

LaFou wines participate in the 31st edition of Gandesa´s Wine Festival

6 November, 2018|

The 31st edition of the Wine Festival in Gandesa was held on November 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The highlight of the festival was the “Mostra de Vi” -the Wine Show – which took place on an avenue called Rambla de la Democràcia, where 32 wineries from the Denomination of Origin [...]