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LaFou’s vineyards are located on 15 hectares of land at Mas Gabrielet – a property that spreads for 60 hectares north of the township of Batea-.

The land lies along the border of Aragón and sits at 320 to 370 meters above sea level. The vineyards are in valleys with ravines and gorges, which are lined with terraces that ensure that the plants grown there can collect the scarce rainfall in the area. “Fou” means gorge, which is a narrow passage through which a river opens.

The soil is predominantly limestone and has a clay-silt loam texture, although in some areas there is a distinctive sandy topsoil (fossil dune) while in other areas the land features boulders.

Both the climate – Mediterranean with a strong continental influence -, and winemaking are influenced by two prevailing winds: the Garbinada and the Cierzo.

The Garbinada wind stabilizes high temperatures in summer, while the Cierzo has a strong influence due to its low humidity which keeps the vineyard and its grapes in optimal sanitary conditions which allows winemakers to wait for the ideal moment to pick grapes for harvest.

The main varietals grown at the vineyard are Red Garnacha and Peluda, White Garnacha and Syrah. Some plots grow varieties such as Morenillo and Samsó – as part of a project to retrieve and promote traditional varieties that are at risk of disappearing. The Morenillo variety is a clear example of the loss of this traditional grape as very little of it is grown.

At Mas Gabrielet the vines grow alongside olive and almond trees in order to preserve the landscape and traditional crops in the area.

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