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Natural wines…or not

Just a few weeks ago I was invited to a debate on "natural" wines, a topic that is very fashionable at the moment, but also a controversial one. So, today we will talk about them. So, are the wines I've had to date artificial ones? No, not at all. In [...]

28 May, 2019|

The Spirit of Garnacha

With the blog underway, I can no longer delay talking about one of my favourite subjects: the Garnacha variety which, curiously enough, I "discovered" and fell in love with by studying in France, which is why I started the LaFou project in the Terra Alta region. Is Garnacha native to [...]

14 February, 2019|

Philosophy or Oenology? My first post

I'm launching a blog and I'd like to start by talking about why the philosophy that lies behind a project such as a winery is so important. However, when discussing wine, shouldn’t we talk about oenology rather than philosophy? Oenology provides tools, technology, knowledge and the means to make the [...]

17 October, 2018|